Avance Carestation

Course Length3 days
Course date/sTBD
Cost24,000 SEK/24,000 NOK/17,000 DKK/2,300 EUR
LocationGE Healthcare Academy Danderyd, Stockholm
Course idTT0310
Number of participantsMinimum 6 - Maximum 8


    Course overview

    Anesthesiologists and anesthetists who work in the field of anesthesia require knowledge about how to use anesthesia equipment, both in theory and practice. This knowledge allows users to safely operate the equipment themselves in their daily work. This course increases the user’s knowledge and skills as regards Avance* functions and how to use the equipment safely.

    Technical theory, practice, and safety.

    • Target audience

      Medical technicians and equipment operators

    • Prerequisites

      Participants are assumed to have some previous knowledge of general medical technology and basic knowledge of information technology (IT)